Ethically Sourced

Fair Muse supports local artisans, carrying ethically sourced products. All of the products found on Fair Muse were sourced directly from the makers. Pictured right is one of the many artisans who helped create our stationary collection. 


The Founder.

Born & raised on the island of Oahu, Annaliese left Hawaiʻi to pursue a business degree in Germany & England. Shortly after graduation she embarked on a trip through Asia and was inspired by the handicrafts and textiles being made by the locals in Northern Laos. Mesmerized by the vibrant colors and complex weaving techniques passed through generations of artisans, she quickly understood the importance of supporting the local traditions . All products are sourced directly from the local artisans with the goal of preserving handicrafts. Fair Muse aims is to create a online store that connects global artisans with socially conscious consumers.